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Community Collaborations

At Peel Community Legal Services we believe being part of our community is a vital part of making real changes towards a more equitable legal system. To this end, we seek out opportunities to be part of groups and organisation that aline with our services goals


Peel Says No to Violence (PSNTV) is dedicated to eliminating family and domestic violence in the Peel community. Being a part of the PSNTV alliance Peel Community Legal Services works with other alliance members: Allambee, Anglicare, Choyces and Ovis to strategically raise awareness around and eliminate Family and Domestic violence through the development of resources and effective connections to make meaningful change.  


Established in 2001, The Peel Community Development Group (PCDG) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to constructing a positive, sustainable community development process. While also advocating for the community service sector in the Peel region. 

Working with PCDG Peel Community Legal Services is able to  understand our community's struggles and adapt our service delivery to accommodate identified barriers to legal access

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